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Tony Traback

A photo of neurodiverse expert and therapist, Colleen Kahn. Colleen sees clients with Neurodiverse Couples Counseling Center and is here to support you on your journey.


My name is Tony.  I have been meeting with couples for over 20 years and been married for 17. I would be honored to help you.



At the outset, I want to recognize that relationships are not easy. 


In spite of the inherent beauty in the variety of life, Neurodiversity adds another level of challenge, especially if there is a lack of understanding.


Communication can break down.  Unhealthy patterns can destroy trust.  Even happy life transitions can upset the good patterns we work hard to form.  While relationships can be a profound source of companionship, during rough patches, we can feel unseen, unheard, and lonely; even our partner’s presence can become a source of irritation. 


Even been there?  

The good news is that you do not need to walk this road by yourself. There is hope.


The truth is no one steps into a relationship or marriage with all the tools one needs to thrive. Especially a neurodiverse relationship!!!  Most of us need help along the way.


And this is where I come in. With me, you will grow both personally and relationally.


You will live more fully out of your authentic self, accepting of yourself and your partner's differences.


You will cultivate habits to help you flourish and identify barriers getting in the way.  You will learn to say “yes” to the things that bring you life.

Relationally, you will improve your communication and build intimacy so fights become conversations which lead to knowing one another more deeply. You will identify the destructive dances in your relationship and learn new ways of being together—so that you laugh and play together again. Don’t assume your current experience is all there is.


Education & Relevant Experience

I grew up in a divorced home and a blended family. My parents and stepparents did not know how to communicate well. There was infidelity and lots of conflict. If I am honest, it was a mess. My parents needed help but never got it. And I think that early experience shaped much of why I have such a passion for working with couples.

I attended Claremont McKenna College, studying politics, philosophy, and economics. After college, I joined the Peace Corps and served in Kenya, and then worked for four years with youth and their families as a counselor in Santa Clara County. I later earned a Doctorate in Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary and a Masters in Psychology from California Southern University.


I have spent the last twenty years trying to help individuals, couples, and families flourish mentally, emotionally, and relationally. I love working with couples and look forward to meeting you.


Other areas of focus (in addition to Neurodiversity):​
  • Trauma

  • Premarital Counseling

  • Cultural Issues

  • Couples Counseling

  • Family Conflict

  • Separation Therapy

  • Life Transitions

  • Grief


  • Solution Focused Therapy

  • Existential Therapy

  • Emotion Focused Therapy

  • Person Centered


  • Couples

  • Individuals 

  • Families 



Specialty areas:

Christian, Addiction, Affairs, Neurodiverse Couples

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