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Meet Our Team

All Team Members are Neurodiverse Couples Specialists.

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Whitney Pressley

Whitney Pressley

MA, Client Care Coordinator

Whitney Pressley is our Client Care Coordinator.


Reach out to her today. She is also a trained therapist and will understand your needs so she can connect you with the right provider.

Schedule an Intake Meeting with Whitney at:

Email :

Text or Call: (305) 376-0675

More about the TEAM...


We're a group of dedicated therapists and coaches who have come together to:

  • treat the neurodiverse community with respect,

  • develop a robust set of tools to help neurodiverse couples,

  • approach neurodiverse healing from a strength-based approach,

  • ​understand that the trauma of past misunderstanding needs to be healed in a gentle way,​

  • share best-practices for neurodiverse therapy amongst the team so we can offer you a beneficial experience, and

  • offer integrated therapy where both the couple and each partner can each have their own counselor; yet, the therapy is synchronized to achieve compatible goals.

  • Please complete the contact form to be matched with a neurodiverse therapist or coach.

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