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Anne Hoglund

You've landed here looking for support, needing more care and attention for yourself and for your significant relationship. Perhaps you or your partner are also neurodivergent, and you're wanting neuro-informed support that understands the complexities of that experience and how that would impact a relationship.

Connection is not a constant state in any relationship. We are always moving in and out of it. If disconnection lasts for too long, there is greater likelihood for misunderstandings and ways of relating that can further that separateness.

Our work together helps you to reconnect more easily and helps you know, understand, and love each other better. By providing you warmth, compassion, and acceptance, I offer a space to feel seen and heard and can provide you direction on the roadmap back to one another. I take an integrative approach, accounting for the different aspects of who you both are, of your family, and the systems that you are embedded in.

Know that there is help here for you and that, by working together, we can navigate the path back to greater, more effective communication, greater appreciation and understanding of yourself and your partner, and greater overall satisfaction in your relationship.  

I look forward to walking with you on this path towards reconnection.

My Story

I grew up in the Midwest and relocated to California in my early adulthood. I was always drawn to creative endeavors and pursuing my degree in fine art seemed like a natural choice. However, after working as a graphic designer for many years I felt that something was lacking. My heart wasn’t in it, as much as it was in the healing and spiritual pursuits I was doing outside of my work life.

As a deep-feeling person, I knew that I wanted to contribute something, to have a positive impact. I enjoyed most helping others, especially in navigating their significant relationships and life's challenges.

After experiencing the positive benefits of my own work in therapy, I returned to school to study counseling psychology. I loved the work and felt that I had finally found where I “fit.” Upon graduation from my program, I took a break from working as a therapist to start a family, and was thrust into the real "work" of a marriage, parenting, and managing a home as well as helping aging parents with significant health issues.

During this time our oldest child also received an autism diagnosis. I know from experience how that can deeply impact a marriage and the needs of a family both at home and out in the world. I saw clearly that navigating support for resources was an extremely challenging and time-consuming process, and there was so little available to help parents process these changes and challenges. As well, little is offered to keep parents feeling hopeful for the future and appreciative of their unique child.

I want to support individuals and couples, especially parents, around the topic of neurodivergence, as they find their way into new rhythms and greater joys in their relationships and families, as well as helping them build relationship skills and resilience to be more supported in life's harder times.

Life Experience

  • I have an autistic child who is exploring their gender and identity

  • I have a sibling diagnosed with ADHD and neurodivergence exists on both sides of our extended families

  • I have many autistic traits

  • I have a background working in a creative field for over 20 years and in working in higher education and non-profit organizations

Specialties and Certifications

  • Neurodiverse Couples Specialist

  • Neurodiverse Parenting Specialist

  • Associate Marriage and Family Therapist


  • Masters in Integral Counseling Psychology

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication

License & Certifications
Specialty areas:

Parenting Neurodiversity, Parenting, Autism, Neurodiverse Couples, ADHD

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