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Bassy Lee

A photo of neurodiverse expert and therapist, Colleen Kahn. Colleen sees clients with Neurodiverse Couples Counseling Center and is here to support you on your journey.
My Story

I grew up in a family and culture that does not encourage seeking help from others because it is perceived as a sign of weakness. However, seeking help at the right time is actually a strength because pain and mistakes can be avoided. After college, I worked as an occupational therapist and found myself falling in love in the helping profession. I am frequently drawn to couples work in my social circle. While exploring my second career path, I want to formalize my experience in couples counseling to help people outside my social circle. I want to share not only my knowledge and skill but also my experience in the ups and downs of marriage and life.

My Strength

Being married for more than 20 years and a mother of one young adult child and two teenagers, I understand the unhealthy cycle in marriage as well as the emotional struggles in parenting. I am experienced in working with neurodiverse couples, cross-cultural marriages, couples with depression, addiction, anger issues, and affair recovery. Helping families move to healthier relationships is what I profoundly care.




Intimate relationship is challenging for neurodiverse couples who have very different perspectives, communication styles, and personalities than each other. My previous work as an occupational therapist enhances my empathy and professional understanding towards couples facing neurodiversity issues.

Neurology affects how a person thinks, feels, speaks, and believes. It also make an impact on an intimate relationship when it affects every conversation a couple has, how they make decisions together, and how to raise kids together.

During couple relationship coaching, I take these factors into account to help improve communication and intimacy in the neurodiverse relationship.

Diagnosis is not necessary but it is sometimes helpful for deeper understanding leading to more appropriate therapeutic approach. These online assessments are optional for you:




Other areas of focus (in addition to Neurodiversity):
  • cross-cultural couples relationships

  • parent-child conflicts

  • spiritual formation in couples


Fluent in English and Cantonese



couples and families, adults, adolescents, healthcare workers, church or community leaders



Emotion Focused Therapy, Person-Centered, Neuro-biology, Family Systems, Trauma-informed, Somatic therapy, integrative (holistic) psychotherapy, Dialectical Behavioral.


Registered Associate,  MFTA #122672

Supervised by Claudio Silva, LMFT #82582 

Specialty areas:

Christian, Parenting, Sex, Neurodiverse Couples

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