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Am I Autistic?


Is this something you've ever wondered about yourself?

Did this thought come up because of a comment made by your partner? Or maybe you started wondering this after noticing similarities between you your autistic child's behavior.

Whatever the case may be, there are resources out there to help set you on a path of peace and better self-understanding.


Autism Screening Tests 📝

Screening tests can be the first step on a path of discovery.

They help to clarify our experiences and can indicate if we might be on the autism spectrum. They're useful for letting us know if a more detailed evaluation is worthwhile.


Weighing Benefits and Limitations ⚖️

These tests can shine a light on various aspects of neurodiversity and help validate feelings of being different. They can be the nudge we need towards seeking support and finding communities that get us.


But, they're not all-encompassing. They can't fully capture our experiences or conclusively answer whether someone is autistic. They're a tool, not the final word.

Beware of Labels 🏷️

Labels can be incredibly useful. They can bring clarity, support, and a sense of belonging.

However, within the dynamics of a relationship, they can be misused.

An allistic partner might wield a diagnosis, not as a tool for understanding, but as a means to criticize or control.

Please know that our counselors work hard to help you avoid this trap.

It's crucial to approach labels with nuance. They should help us understand ourselves better and access support, not be used to limit us or by others to exert power. Remember, your identity is more than any label.

Where to Go after the Screener? 🛤️

After completing a screener, you might consider three options:


1)  The first option may be individual counseling. It's a confidential space to explore what your screener results might mean, learn how strengths can be harnessed and struggles can be addressed, and understand yourself better.


2) For couples, counseling offers insights into how these symptoms might be influencing your relationship dynamics, providing tools for healthier interactions.


3) Lastly, you may consider an in-depth assessment with one of our trained clinicians. Screeners, while informative, are never enough for a proper diagnosis, which requires the nuanced clinical judgment of a trained professional.


Taking the First Step 👣

If you're curious about your relationship with autism and would like access to a variety of free screening tools, we invite you to visit out partner site:

This could be a valuable step in your journey of self-discovery and our team would love to help guide you.

Warmest regards,


Dr. Motro is a registered Marriage and Family Therapist #53452 and the Founder/Clinical Director of the Neurodiverse Couples Counseling Center.


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