Loving Couple

​Why do we feel like we are speaking different languages when we try to talk to each other? What hijacks our ability to communicate effectively?

Do your conversations sound like:

Tammy: Look at me when I talk to you.

Tim: I am trying to but your not making any sense. You said to walk the dog as soon I felt like it. I never felt like it.

Tammy: You know that the dog needs a walk every day.

Tim: But you never said that.

Tammy: I've said that a million times. You just don't listen.

I don't know of ONE neurodiverse couple who doesn't fall into this type of communication trap..


The root issue is: 


 "We don't see the world the way the world is...we see the world the way WE are".


We will continue to miscommunicate until we become aware of our different COMMUNICATION STYLES and the fact that we actually speak and listen behind FILTERS.

In the video on this page, the speaker breaks down communication styles into:

  • Logical vs. Emotional

  • Concrete vs Abstract

  • Absolutist vs. Relative

  • Avoidant vs Insistent

The speaker walks you through four strategies to address these differences as well. 

Furthermore, our filters include:

  • our expectations and stereotypes,

  • wounds or defensiveness,

  • past experiences, and

  • our mood at the moment.

All of these factors seriously color the way we hear things and express ourselves.

Our therapists are all equipped with special tools to support you as you learn to communicate across the neurodivide.