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We are a group of therapists and coaches DEDICATED to supporting neurodiverse couples
(Autism or ADHD   +    Neurotypical).

Our mission is to serve the needs of neurodiverse couples with care, integrity and respect. 

Neurodiverse couple (Autistic husband and Neurotypical wife)


We are uniquely dedicated to helping Neurodiverse Couples.


As the outreach arm of a 501c3 non-profit, it is our mission to care for you.

We take a trauma-informed approach to healing.

Over 10,000 appointments per year gives us the experience needed to help you.

We share our collective knowledge and wisdom with you through our team of Neurodiversity Specialists and through our Couples Content Library


Neurological differences are part of the natural spectrum of human biodiversity.

Everyone must be willing to grow, stretch and change in a relationship.

Neurodivergence (Autism, ADHD...) is not a disease.

Always start with strengths.

Attempts to “cure” differences robs an individual of their true self.

Thriving neurodiversity releases life-giving and world-changing potential.


Words matter.


Through specialized neurodiverse couples counseling, we take a strength-based approach to bridging AS and NT ways of thinking. We will help you identify and reverse the dysfunctional patterns which have developed in your relationship and find new ways to communicate. This will allow you to connect and resolve long standing issues that may be rooted in your neurological differences.

Conversations between a neurodiverse couple can feel like two people speaking different languages. We introduce structured tools that help take the mystery and frustration out of talking to each other. You will learn how to make sure that you speak clearly and concretely, that the spoken message is heard correctly, and how to send and receive emotional messages so you begin rebuilding an intimate connection.

Sex is one of the most important ways for a couple to connect with each other but can be a challenge because of communication challenges, sensory issues and sexual histories. Our approach to sex therapy is built on an affirming and non-shaming view of neurodiversity. Our therapist will serve as your guide to help open up an honest and safe conversation about sex and start working on improving your sex lives.

The neurotypical partner of an Aspie may feel abandoned and alone (Cassandra syndrome). Your AS partner may appear fine to your friends but you may experience real interpersonal struggles behind closed doors. Because of this hidden struggle, friends and family may wonder what is wrong with you. We want to provide a safe place to talk about your feelings in a constructive way, without worrying about trashing your partner.  

Relationships require partners to navigate a maze of unspoken rules, expectations, and emotions. Aspies may struggle to naturally “pick up” these relationship skills. Working with a trained professional will give you clear guidance on how to work on your blind spots. This work can jump start your relationship learning process and help you build confidence in being able to meet the needs of your neurotypical partner while staying true to yourself.

Adult woman on the spectrum are often overlooked and under-supported. Our team of therapists will help you understand the unique strengths and challenges of your differences, consider whether a formal diagnosis is needed, learn helpful coping strategies that are consistent with your true self, let go of unhelpful "masking", and, most importantly, build a new life centered on healing and self-acceptance (freedom from shame).

Parenting a neurodiverse son or daughter with an approach that does not fit your child can cause everyone in the family to become exhausted and discouraged. And if the parents are not on the same page, the family system will splinter and spiral into chaos. We can help you find a shared parenting style leveraging useful techniques that are appropriate for the age and personality of your neurodiverse child.

ADHD in marriages often leads to predictable patterns of frustration and disconnect. We help couples become aware of predictable but painful negative patterns that typically arise, recognize and understand how ADHD symptoms are misinterpreted as lack of care, discover new ADHD-sensitive ways to compensate for their differences, and ultimately reinvent their marriage.

Although most of our clients do NOT seek to receive a diagnosis but rather chose to focus on the unique characteristics that impact their relationship, it can be helpful to receive a diagnosis. A diagnosis can provide: a way for a couple reinterpret their interactions; provide a path to self-acceptance; help identify strengths and how to build on them; and serve as a foundation for addressing differences. 

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Neurodiversity graphic - with brains illustrated differently
“Autism can’t define me,  I define autism.”

― Dr. Kerry Magro 
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