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We're a group of dedicated therapists and coaches who have come together to:

  • treat the neurodiverse community with respect,

  • develop a robust set of tools to help neurodiverse couples,

  • approach neurodiverse healing from a strength-based approach,

  • ​understand that the trauma of past misunderstanding needs to be healed in a gentle way,​

  • share best-practices for neurodiverse therapy amongst the team so we can offer you a beneficial experience, and

  • offer integrated therapy where both the couple and each partner can each have their own counselor; yet, the therapy is synchronized to achieve compatible goals.

Please complete the contact form to be matched with a neurodiverse therapist or coach.

Neurodiverse couple

Meet the Team

Whitney Pressley

Whitney Pressley

MA, Client Care Coordinator

Whitney Pressley is our Client Care Coordinator.


Reach out to her today. She is also a trained therapist and will understand your needs so she can connect you with the right provider.

Schedule an Intake Meeting with Whitney at:

Email :

Text or Call: (305) 376-0678

Couple Dancing

“The concept of neurodiversity provides a paradigm shift in how we think about mental functioning. Instead of regarding large portions of the American public as suffering from deficit, disease, or dysfunction in their mental processing, neurodiversity suggests that we instead speak about differences in cognitive functioning.”

Dr. Thomas Armstrong

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