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Our groups are facilitated by one of our caring neurodiverse specialists so that you will have a safe place to talk, learn, heal and grow.  

You can also learn more on our Groups FAQ's. 

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Thriving Beyond Cassandra Syndrome Group & Webinar


Wednesday, April 6, 2023 

At 5:30PM PST


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Weekly for 6 sessions


Fridays: 5-6:30pm PST

Starting April 14th

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Our group process aims to take you from feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, alone, confused, hurt, and afraid to having confidence in yourself again and peace in your heart.

It will help you clarify your present relationship dynamics, overcome hurts concerning attachments in early life and with your current relationship, and align your heart and brain toward constructive decisions and actions. 


This 6-week group coaching and therapeutic community is in service of attending to your highest good and deepest well-being and bringing joy back to your life! Whether in unison with Neurodiversity couples counseling or not, having personal guidance and a community that supports you is very beneficial.


Lisa's coaching process will help you establish clarity regarding her current relationship. And help you resolve resentments and regrets - to release personal suffering. To cultivate self-love and re-alignment with your authenticity. And to develop a roadmap for your future. A compelling vision rooted in your highest values so that you may return to or, for the first time, establish a strong sense of self.

Your group experience will help you with:

  1. Feeling seen, safe, and understood

  2. Validating and understanding the source of your anger, shame, hopelessness, frustration, resentments, and fears.

  3. Gaining new insight from others with similar experiences. 

  4. Implementing powerful tools for minimizing your relationship's emotional and psychological impact.

  5. Tapping into your innate Wisdom to answer your most difficult questions about the relationship.

  6. Looking toward growth and finding a broader view of the past.

  7. Releasing/resolving resentments in the present and fears about the future.

  8. Return to a strong sense of self and self-esteem.

  9. Resolving attachment traumas.

I invite you to watch the 1-minute video (above) and sign up for our Cassandra Group coaching intensive.

About Lisa

Lisa Anzuldua is the author of the following book:

 I Believe You: Thriving Beyond Cassandra Syndrome. 

You can read more about Lisa on her bio page.

Group Details

$100 per session/pay per session. 

Meeting Dates: 

Friday: 5-6:30pm PST

4/14, 4/21, 4/28, 5/5, 5/12, 5/19

Contact Lisa:

Phone: 858-537-7828

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